Stock plants are those maintained for the purpose of harvesting cuttings or grafting wood. Stock blocks that contain stock plants for propagation should be:

  1. True to name.
  2. Free of disease and insect pests.
  3. Maintained in the proper physiological state to ensure good propagules.

Photo of technician working with stock plants in a greenhouse.

Often cuttings and grafting wood are taken from plants that are part of nursery production. However, stock blocks can also be specially maintained as a source for cutting and grafting material.

Although, these plants may occupy valuable land for production, stock blocks offer an excellent way to maintain stock plants that are free of disease and they can be maintained by hedging to ensure cuttings have a high potential for rooting.

Photo of hedged trees used as stock plants. Photo of the base of one of the trees with a tag attached.

Tag indicates stock plants have been tested and are virus-free.