It is common for growers to stick cuttings in ground beds, greenhouse benches, community flats, or plug flats. However, if the space is available, cuttings can be directly stuck into finishing-sized containers.

This saves on labor costs because the rooted cuttings do not need to be repotted. Large growers have the ability to provide an adequate rooting environment throughout the entire greenhouse usually by having a traveling mist boom irrigation system.

Photo of a worker sticking cuttings into finishing-sized containers.

Innovative growers will fill containers with media and place them on the floor where they will not be moved again until the crop is finished.

In order to stick the cuttings into these containers, a "floating" platform is suspended over the containers and workers move over the containers to stick cuttings.

The plants will be watered by flooding the floor with fertilized water.

Photo of workers on a platform suspended over containers, and placing cuttings into the containers.