In a center wedge graft, a tapered cut is made in the scion to fit into a wedge-shaped incision in the rootstock.

Illustration showing a scion fitting into a rootstock

Photo of an example of center wedge grafting.

After grafting, the scion and rootstock are wrapped as is illustrated in the South African native pagoda plant (Mimetes).

Photo of wrapped pagoda plant graft

Wrapped graft

Photo of pagoda plant with graft healed

Finished healed graft

Center wedge grafts are done for conventional grafting as in orange (Citrus) or specialty grafts like crested euphorbia.

Example of center wedge graft of orange.


Example of center wedge graft of euphorbia.


Center wedge grafting being used to propagate avocado.

Close up photo of avocado center wedge grafting.

Photo of technician creating avocado center wedge grafts.

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