Small aerial tubers produced in the axils of the leaves are called tubercles.

Photo of a Cinnamon vine pointing out the location of a tubercle.

Cinnamon vine
(Dioscorea batatas)

Photo pointing out a tubercle on a String-of-hearts plant.

(Ceropegia woodii)

Photo pointing out a tubercle on a Devil's tongue plant.

Devil's tongue
Amorphophallus bulbifera

Tubercles are usually induced by short days and appear on the plants in late summer.

They are easily removed from the plant and can be dried and stored overwinter for spring planting.

Photo showing tubercles growing on a plant.

Clonal plants from hardy begonia come back each year from aerial tubers that drop to the ground in the fall.

Photo of hardy begonia in a yard.

Close up photo of a hardy beonia aerial tuber.

Hardy begonia (Begonia evansiana)